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The Conflict in Syria

As the conflict in Syria enters into its tenth year, we reflect on what has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis of the decade. We’ve been working in Syria since 2012 – making this our largest and longest response to date.

ShelterBox NZ The Conflict in Syria

Sacrifices in Syria

As the conflict in Syria enters into its tenth year, we look into what life is like for aid workers in Syria.

ShelterBox NZ Syria Sacrifices

World Water Day

March 22nd marks World Water Day. When disasters devastate whole communities and force families far from home, it can be hard to ensure access to clean water. That’s why we include water filters and carriers in our aid packages.

ShelterBox NZ World Water Day

International Women's Day

Women are disproportionately affected by disasters. This International Women’s Day, we ask you to stand with us, and help us empower women all around the world.

ShelterBox NZ International Women's Day

Building Peace, One Family at a Time

Every minute, families lose everything in the chaos of conflict. Our work keeps families together, during a time of unprecedented global conflict and displacement.

ShelterBox NZ Building Peace


Thanks to your generous support, throughout 2020, ShelterBox transformed the lives of 40, 000 families worldwide. While this work doesn’t make the headlines, it is lifesaving to families, and it is only possible because of you.

Super Typhoon Goni Update

In November 2020, Typhoon Goni, known locally as Rolly, caused mass destruction in the Philippines. We have been supporting families who lost their homes.

Hurricanes Eta and Iota Update

In November 2020, Hurricanes Eta and Iota slammed into Central America. We have been supporting families who lost their homes.

ShelterBox NZ Hurricanes Eta and Iota Update

20 Years of Impact

2020 marked 20 years of ShelterBox. Join us, as we look back on how it all began, and how far we’ve come.

ShelterBox NZ 20 years of impact

Cyclone Harold Update

In April 2020, Category 5 Cyclone Harold tore through Vanuatu, causing widespread discussion. We have been supporting families who lost their homes.

ShelterBox NZ Cyclone Harold Update

Coronavirus: How Shelter Saves Lives

In the face of coronavirus, shelter means more than ever – playing a vital role in slowing the spread of the virus.

ShelterBox NZ Coronavirus How Shelter Saves Lives

Coronavirus: A Crisis within a Crisis

The potential impact of coronavirus in makeshift settlements and overcrowded displacement camps, where conditions are dire, is terrifying. Shelter means more now than ever.

ShelterBox NZ Coronavirus is a Crisis within a Crisis

Coronavirus: Our Response

We are working to help people protect themselves from coronavirus in dangerously crowded camps and disaster zones.

ShelterBox NZ Our Response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Four things to Know

Here are 4 facts about how coronavirus affecting families devastated by disaster and conflict, and why shelter is so important.

ShelterBox NZ Four Things to Know about Coronavirus

Climate Change

Natural disasters and climate change are inextricably linked, with the unprecedented rate at which climate change is growing is having dramatic effects on our environment, and increasing the risk of extreme disasters.

ShelterBox NZ climate change and natural disaster

Our Response Criteria

Unfortunately, the global need for emergency shelter is huge. That’s why we have developed our decision to respond criteria, to help us ensure we’re prioritising the world’s most vulnerable.

ShelterBox NZ Response Criteria


In times of emergency, families are resourceful. Find out how communities can rebuild their lives with just a small number of versatile tools and materials.

ShelterBox NZ Innovation

Rotary Partnership

We are proud project partners with Rotary International. By working together, we are able to combine resources to ensure we can support more families in need of shelter after disaster.

ShelterBox NZ Rotary Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

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