What happened in Turkey & Syria?

Powerful earthquakes have ravaged southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing thousands of people and flattening 11,000 buildings. 

Homes have been destroyed or left unsafe and people will have little choice but to sleep in the open in fear of more aftershocks. Around 23 million people could be affected across the two countries.

To make matters worse, temperatures can drop below freezing at this time of year, putting lives at risk.

In northwest Syria many buildings were already damaged by years of civil war, and that’s where some of the worst damage has been reported.

With 3 million people already displaced by the war, Syria is at breaking point. Families are facing harsh living conditions, freezing temperatures and diseases like cholera. They have faced the destruction of war, only to be hit again by these events.

What is ShelterBox doing?

ShelterBox aid has arrived in Turkey and Syria. We are focusing on the areas where the needed is greatest.

Emergency Tents have arrived in Turkey on a free flight by Turkish Airlines from Panama.

A truck of aid carrying thermal blankets has crossed the border into Syria and is with our local partner, Bahar. We’re expecting more trucks of our aid to arrive in the comings days and weeks, containing further vital supplies.

We’ll also be getting winter coats to children in Syria through our existing partner, ReliefAid.

This is a hugely complex humanitarian response spanning two countries. Getting aid into Türkiye and Syria is complicated but we are determined to overcome every hurdle to make sure people get the help they need.

Please donate today. Your support will provide emergency shelter for families affected by disasters around the world.