What's happening in the Horn of Africa?

The Horn of Africa is facing its worst drought in more than forty years. After four consecutive failed rainy seasons in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, people are living on the brink of famine.

Across East Africa, almost 20 million people have been affected by the drought. More than one million people are displaced, and many of them are on the move as they desperately search for food.

ShelterBox will be responding. We’ll be providing emergency shelter aid to 13,000 displaced people affected by the drought in Ethiopia. Find out more about the situation in the Horn of Africa and how we’re helping.

Where is the Horn of Africa?

The Horn of Africa is the easternmost peninsula of the African continent.

The name comes from the horn-shaped land formation of the region.

The Horn of Africa includes Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan.

The peninsula has an estimated population of 115 million and about 130 languages.

How is ShelterBox helping?

ShelterBox supporting communities affected by drought in Somaliland, in 2020.

Communities affected by severe drought in the Horn of Africa desperately need emergency shelter.

Millions of people are at risk of famine, and many more are leaving their homes and livelihoods behind in search of food. That’s why we will be providing emergency shelter aid to 13,000 displaced people affected by the drought in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Our aid includes tarpaulins, rope, and other essential items. These will allow people to build emergency shelters to help protect themselves from the elements.

It will also give people who have been forced to leave their homes a private space they can temporarily call home and be together with their families.