We are project partners with Rotary International, a global community of 1.2 million neighbours, friends and community leaders. Their aim is to create positive, lasting change in communities at home and all over the world.

By working together with Rotary, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter after disaster.

Rotarians and Rotary groups across the world support us in a variety of ways, from raising funds to providing support on the ground during our response to a disaster. This enables us to work more effectively and reach more communities around the world.

This partnership has helped us to become who we are today. Our global network of ShelterBox affiliates, which provides all round assistance, evolved from Rotary relationships.

On the ground

At any given time, 365 days a year, ShelterBox response teams are on the ground, supporting families to recover after disaster and conflict all over the world.

Rotary is with us every step of the way.

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The partnership between Rotary and ShelterBox has provided a place of refuge to people facing some of the most difficult and uncertain moments in their lives.

John Hewko,  – General Secretary of Rotary International

Rotary Partnership

ShelterBox began in 2000 as a Cornish Rotary Club’s millennium project. With the support of Rotary members and clubs around the world, ShelterBox grew to become an internationally recognised, independent disaster relief organisation. Since 2012, ShelterBox and Rotary have been official Project Partners in disaster relief.

Each year, Rotary helps us to go further, support more people and access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

Watch here to see what we achieved in partnership across 2019.

Year in review 2019

Throughout 2019, families around the world lost their homes to natural disasters and conflicts.

Your ongoing support in 2019 meant that families received essential aid which helped them recover.
Watch our video to see how you’ve helped change lives in 2019.