You can make a difference

If you believe that shelter is a basic human right, then ShelterBox might be the right place for you.

As a volunteer, you can play a crucial role in ShelterBox’s mission. With your help, we can succeed in providing emergency shelter and lifesaving equipment to some of the 120 million people around the world who have lost their homes as a result  of disaster or conflict.

ShelterBox is one of the world’s leading providers of emergency shelter aid. With the help of our many volunteers, we’ve launched rapid responses after cyclones in the Pacific Islands, after conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and the Lake Chad basin in Africa, and after earthquakes like in Nepal and Tükiye.

All told, we’ve helped over 2.5 million people in 100 countries rebuild their lives and their communities. The need is growing and you can be part of the solution.





It’s an incredible feeling to be able reach out and help people on the other side of the world in what is quite possibly the worst moment of their lives. That’s why I support ShelterBox.

Pam Furnish, ShelterBox volunteer

Which role is right for you?


Whether speaking to community organisations or setting up displays at events, you can be the face of ShelterBox in your community as you help raise awareness and funds.
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From holding a bake sale to hosting a dinner, you can make someone’s day better by raising funds for ShelterBox.
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Share the ShelterBox message with your club members and engage them for special events.
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Reach a personal best or go for an epic adventure while raising money for ShelterBox.
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Share the ShelterBox message online to build awareness and support for our important work.
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Represent ShelterBox in the field and ensure aid is delivered to people who need it the most.
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