Rotary and ShelterBox: Partners in Disaster Relief

Rotary International and ShelterBox are project partners in disaster relief. By working together, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter after disaster.

At any given time, 365 days a year, ShelterBox response teams are on the ground, supporting people all around the world to help them recover after disaster and conflict. Rotary is with us every step of the way.

We send out occasional email updates to Rotarians and Rotary Clubs nationwide, giving you an insider’s view of where we’re working, sharing stories of those who we’re helping, answering frequently asked questions, and highlighting how Rotary Clubs in New Zealand are working to support ShelterBox.

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2023 Rotary-ShelterBox Partnership Impact Report

2023 was a year marked with extreme weather events, earthquakes and conflict creating significant need for emergency shelter.  New Zealand and Australia were not immune.

In Türkiye and Syria we supported thousands of people with emergency shelter after the devastating earthquakes in February 2023. We also there following the powerful Morocco earthquake in September. Just two days after this severe flooding impacted Libya, particularly the city of Derna.

Extreme weather brought severe drought to the Horn of Africa. Thousands being forced from their home in search of water, food and health care. This year we continued our work in Ethiopia supporting people impacted by the drought and violent attacks from insurgent groups. We also began working in Somalia.

Violence in Sudan forced millions to flee their homes, many into neighbouring countries. In response to this we have begun working in Chad, providing shelter to those who have fled to the country for safety.

We also continued our work on projects in Ukraine, Yemen, Pakistan, Mozambique, Syria, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso. Work we could not undertake without your support.

This was thanks in large part to funding provided by the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in Aotearoa New Zealand. Click on the image below for more.



2022 Rotary-ShelterBox Partnership Impact Report

In 2022, ShelterBox provided emergency shelter and life-saving support to over 400,000 people in Ukraine, Pakistan, Syria, the Philippines, and countries across Africa. This was thanks in large part to funding provided by the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in Aotearoa New Zealand. Click on the image below to read the report.

To learn how your club can support ShelterBox, please visit our Rotary Action Toolkit.