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We have strong bonds, just like the families we help. Along with our dedicated staff, supporters and volunteers, our partners help us go further – faster.

Our partners enable us to go the extra mile and reach more people that desperately need our support.

Together we are able to respond to current disasters, while preparing for the next one, and raise awareness and funds all over the world. Most importantly, they share our conviction that no family should go without shelter.

At ShelterBox, we believe in creating partnerships that benefit both organisations. This could range from supporting people in a specific country or focusing on our shelter and logistics, to creating awareness, engaging employees or delivering a client relationship campaign.

As with all our work, whenever we partner with other organisations, we always deliver – whatever it takes.

Corporate partnerships

ShelterBox NZ partners work together to provide emergency shelter to families in Peru

At ShelterBox, we help companies achieve their business objectives by partnering with them to ensure no family goes without shelter following disaster and conflict.  

We put a lot of importance on the word ‘partnership’. To us, partnerships are all about shared values, mutual benefits and measurable, sustainable impact.

Help us give the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives by becoming ShelterBox NZ partner.

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Rotary International

We are project partners with Rotary International, a global community of 1.4 million neighbours, friends and community leaders. Their aim is to create positive, lasting change in communities at home and all over the world.

By working together with Rotary, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter.

Rotarians and Rotary groups across the world support us in a variety of ways, from raising funds to providing support on the ground during our response to a disaster. This enables us to cross boundaries and cut through red tape to reach even the most remote communities.

This partnership has helped us to become who we are today. Our global network of ShelterBox affiliates, which provides all round assistance, evolved from Rotary relationships.

If you’re a Rotarian, visit our Rotary Action Toolkit and learn more.

We can always be confident that your organisation will lead the world in the speedy reaction to these disasters, through the efficiency of your logistical and management structure and the dedication of your members. We at Rotary are proud to be involved with such an organisation.

Eric Vining, Rotarian

ShelterBox Affiliates

We have an amazing global network of ShelterBox affiliates based in Europe, North America, Africa, Australasia and Asia.

They are made up of talented teams who go the extra mile to help transform lives and rebuild communities wherever, and whenever, disaster strikes.

Your nearest ShelterBox organisation

Find out more about ShelterBox in your country.

ShelterBox affiliates can help get you started with an event or fundraiser, or put you in touch with the right people so you can begin helping people after disaster.