“At ShelterBox we are deeply concerned about the increasing violence in Sudan that is forcing tens of thousands of people across its border with Chad.

“People fleeing to safety are leaving their homes and communites… with only what they can carry so it’s crucial that both sides allow humanitarian organizations to get aid to people that need it.”

– Anna Dixie, Regional Director for West and Central Africa


More than 1 million people have been displaced since the start of the conflict

Tensions between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces erupted into violent clashes in April and still continue. Conflict in West Darfur has left civilians without access to health care, water, and basic supplies.

The escalating violence in Sudan is forcing tens of thousands of people across its border with Chad. It is expected that by the end of May, 100,000 new Sudanese refugees will have crossed the border. This is on top of the 600,000 mostly Sudanese refugees already living in Chad after fleeing previous conflict.

This is a crisis within a crisis. And there is little funding to support people who need it most. There are very few shelter providers and insufficient funds committed to shelter.


As violence continues to escalate in Sudan, ShelterBox is exploring whether an emergency response in neighboring Chad is possible to support the growing influx of refugees.

The humanitarian need was already significant before this conflict started, and with that need rising every day, we will be sending a ShelterBox response team to Chad to see if and how we can best help.

The situation is critical, with close to a million people either displaced or fleeing Sudan to neighboring countries – including Chad.

The shelter need is growing all the time. We will be considering what a response in Chad might look like.

90% of new arrivals into Chad are women and children and only 2% of them currently have access to shelter and will be needing other basic items like water carriers, mosquito nets, and soap.

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