The Ukraine Crisis

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a military operation on Ukraine. This latest escalation in military action comes after eight years of ongoing conflict.

24 million people are expected to need humanitarian assistance this year – that’s more than half of Ukraine’s population.

Already, 12 million people have had to flee their homes – over 4 million children are among them.

One in 6 people are internally displaced – with many unable to leave because of damage to infrastructure like transport and roads, lack of resources like money or vehicles, and the danger of the war around them. 

This is a rapidly changing situation, but we are committed to supporting Ukrainian families affected by this crisis. Our teams are currently in Moldova, working with other aid agencies to distribute aid to affected families.

ShelterBox is Responding

David collects ShelterBox aid from a distribution center near Kyiv

Over the past 22 years, we have provided emergency shelter and essential aid to more than 2 million people who have lost their homes due to disaster or conflict.

We are experienced in supporting people who have lost their homes to conflict, and have previously provided aid to Ukraine.

A ShelterBox team is currently in Moldova, where they are coordinating with partners in Poland and Ukraine. Our aid has arrived in Lviv, and we are currently working on three projects – two within Ukraine, and one supporting those fleeing the country.

Our Projects

Yuiry and his wife collect ShelterBox aid from a distribution center near Kyiv

1.We are providing thousands of mattresses to collective centres in Lviv, Ukraine. Working with People in Need, we began distributions in March and the delivery of mattresses is continuing throughout April and into May. Collective centres are places where people are seeking shelter and safety. The mattresses will help people sleep at night and get much needed rest during the day.

2. With the help of our partner, ReliefAid, we’re providing thousands of Shelter Kits and other essential items to help people in Ukraine survive in damaged buildings. These kits contain tarpaulins, tools and rope, thermal blankets, solar lights, buckets and water carriers as well as hygiene items like soap, washing powder and toothpaste. 

3.We are supporting thousands of refugees in Moldova with high priority items they can carry with them. This includes individual hygiene kits with items like toothpaste, soap, and sanitary products. To help people crossing the border to meet their basic needs, we’re also providing cash assistance. We are working with our partner ACTED on this project.

These projects follow on from several weeks of assessments, where our team met with authorities and aid agencies to best understand humanitarian needs on the ground, and determine how to support vulnerable families. Our teams continue to coordinate with government representatives, other humanitarian organisations and Rotary on our current projects and to plan future phases of our response to this crisis.  

Learn More

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Eftpos or Direct Deposit

Donations to ShelterBox using Direct Bank Credit can be made at any Bank or online using the details below. Please remember to ‘Reference’ your donation so we know who has made the deposit.

Our Bank:         Westpac Bank

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The difference you could make

A single donation of $40

Could provide a family who is on the move and living without electricty with a set of solar lights

ShelterBox NZ LuminAid solar lights

A single donation of $50

Could enable us to provide a family with water carriers, so that accessing safe drinking water can become one less thing for a family to worry about

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of Water NZ

A single donation of $75

Could provide a family with warmth and comfort when temperatures fall below freezing at night

ShelterBox NZ Virtual Christmas Gifts - Warmth

A single donation of $250

Could provide a family with a ShelterKit, containing tarpaulins and tools, to seal damaged buildings

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of a Fresh Start NZ

Your donation will help provide lifesaving aid for families affected by the Ukraine crisis or other conflicts and disasters around the world.

A Transformational Impact

We are very grateful for the ShelterKits, we will use it for the remains of what was left of our house, the house was destroyed almost completely, I plan to rebuild my house in the future. I have a wife and three children who left when the war started

– Igor, recipient of ShelterBox aid, Kyiv

It was the most terrible night here. All the building was shaking terribly. When we came out from there, the house was without all windows, nothing was left

Neighbours Olga and Dina have been using ShelterBox aid to repair their homes, and find hope for brighter days.

Read their story