The Christmas Season is Here

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

This year, with ShelterBox New Zealand’s Virtual Gift Shop, you can honour someone special, by paying it forward to a family in need.

How it works:

  1. Pick a life-changing gift – for as little as $20, you can provide families caught in the chaos of disaster with the gift of hygiene, safe drinking water, shelter, and much more
  2. Share the love – we’ll send you an eCard, explaining the impact of your gift on behalf of a loved one
  3. Change lives – your gift will fund emergency shelter needs worldwide, enabling us to provide shelter and hope to families in their darkest hours

Make a Global Difference

This year, more than 112 million people around the globe will be spending Christmas without a home.

From families in Haiti who are still recovering from the devastating magnitude 7.2 earthquake, to those in Syria who continue to flee worsening conflict, millions will be going without the basic necessities.

Your gift is so much more than a canvas roof overhead, or a warm blanket to wrap a child in. It’s a good night’s sleep after an endless nightmare. It’s the only home a family may have for months. But, most of all, it’s the promise that the worst is over, and there’s a brighter future ahead.

The Virtual Shop

The gift of hygiene

Help a family stay protected against disease and illness

ShelterBox NZ Virtual Christmas Gift - Hygiene


The gift of light

Enable a family to spend time together after darkness falls

ShelterBox NZ LuminAid solar lights


The gift of water

Make safe drinking water one less thing for a family to worry about

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of Water NZ


The gift of warmth

Help a family stay warm during long, cold nights

ShelterBox NZ Virtual Christmas Gifts - Warmth


The gift of a fresh start

Provide a family with the tools they need to make repairs

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of a Fresh Start NZ


The gift of a cooking set

Enable families to cook together, for normality and nourishment

ShelterBox NZ Virtual Christmas Gifts Cooking Set


The gift of a new home

Provide a family with a safe place to recover after their darkest days

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of a New Home NZ


The gift of a ShelterBox

Provide a family with everything they need to rebuild

ShelterBox Christmas Gift the Gift of a ShelterBox NZ


  • You'll soon receive an eCard, which you can pass onto your gift recipient. What name shall we address the eCard to? Leave this field empty if you'd prefer we leave the card blank.

*Items shown are illustrative of  the types of aid that ShelterBox provides. Donations fund emergency shelter needs worldwide.

*All donors will receive a printable card via email.

The Impact of Your Gift

To many of us, these items don’t seem like much. But, to a family who has been devastated by disaster or conflict, they can make the world of difference.

Thank you for helping us make a transformational difference around the globe.

ShelterBox NZ International Disaster Relief Honduras

When it started to flood, we fled. My husband stayed behind to save our belongings but we lost everything. These boxes give us hope.

– Yuri (Honduras, 2021)

ShelterBox NZ International Disaster Relief Haiti

The tarpaulin alone that comes with this kit will be a life saver for us. We have not been able to get back on our feet after the earthquake, so it’s nice to receive some help when it comes.

– Adeline (Haiti, 2021)

ShelterBox NZ Essential Aid Burkina Faso

We were overjoyed when we were given support. We feel more at ease now.

– Rihanata (Burkina Faso, 2021)