Our operations team is working hard to help people caught up in conflict in Syria.

We are distributing aid now, but it’s not enough. It’s not near enough.

Left out in the open

Fighting, armed forces and sudden gunfire attacks are forcing entire communities to flee to emergency camps. Many of these camps are now full to the brim.

There is simply not enough space. Families will be sleeping in the open unless we act now.

Will you help today?

Damascus is like hell. We left seeking safety and security…but Islamic State is not far from here and we are afraid.

Chandi Bakir, a father from Damascus

You can help

You can help us send ShelterKits to families in Syria and others caught up in conflict around the world.

This equipment will help people feel safe amidst the chaos.

Tough, durable tarpaulins can be used to make a waterproof shelter next to any remaining wall.  Mattresses and blankets give people somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. Solar lamps and water carriers help to make daily life just that little bit easier.

Easy to carry and reuse

Everything is easy to carry, so if a family needs to move to find shelter elsewhere, it can be taken with them. Our aid and tools are the best quality we can find, so they can be used over and over again.





'Please give generously today'

Shelter and Recovery

Providing items that save lives and rebuild homes

When disasters destroy homes, shelter is essential. Your donation will provide the tools and materials to create quality shelters, and rebuild lives.

We use your support to choose exactly the right aid for each community after disaster strikes.

Materials to quickly repair and rebuild shelters