The conflict in the Syrian Region is now in its tenth year. What started out as a peaceful protest in 2011, has since become a brutal and complex civil war.


38-year-old Mazalah is from a rural area in Syria. She is the breadwinner for her nine children, eight of whom are under the age of 18.

Prior to losing her home, as well as everything she owned, due to this conflict, Mazalah worked as a breeder, gaining her daily food from her cattle.

Because of the crisis we lost everything we had – the home and all the cattle. Fleeing the city was the only solution to save our lives after the massive air raids and the inhumane practices of Islamic State on the civilians”.

Since 2012, ShelterBox has been providing emergency shelter and essential aid items, including mattresses, blankets, solar lights, water carriers, and warm clothing, to families in Syria. To date, we’ve helped more than 50, 000 families.

Mazalah’s family is one of them. She said:

Here and now, things are getting better, and we finally feel safe. That was the thing we needed most before. Our situation is being improved through the work of the humanitarian organizations which help us and provide us with several and useful materials, we wish that the humanitarian work will continue supporting us till we could overcome this disaster.”

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