Imagine this

It is pitch black. You have no light and no protection. In the darkness, women have been attacked – even raped. Children have been abducted. You can hear the strange noises and the hissed whispers of thousands of people for miles around. But you can’t see your own hand in front of your face.

This is reality for thousands of Rohingya people and despite fleeing their homes in Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh, families are still terrified of attack.

Many women have even started drinking less during the day, for fear of leaving their shelters at night to use the toilet. They are forced to either become dehydrated and ill, or risk being attacked in the darkness.


A beacon of hope


We have given essential aid items to 4000 families in the camps, including solar lights which recharge easily in Bangladesh’s hot sunshine.

From families left with nothing by hurricanes in the Caribbean, to families fleeing conflict in Niger, our solar lights have brought hope and safety to people around the world.

For Rohingya families, life will not stop after darkness falls in the camps. With a solar light, families can feel safe in the dead of night. In their darkest moments, these strong families could at last find security.

But every day more and more women and children are at risk in the darkness. Please give whatever you can right now. Light the way to safety for families who need it most.

Light the way for families in darkness

Families around the world need protection and light