A ShelterBox Champion is a Rotary Club that understands the need for ShelterBox to keep our warehouses stocked so that we can respond to disaster at a moment’s notice.

If we wait until disaster strikes to raise funds, purchase aid and ship it, people will be without shelter for months. So by receiving donations all throughout the Rotary year, we are able to purchase and pre-position aid. This means that people who have lost their home or have had it significantly damaged will get emergency shelter quickly.

You can become a ShelterBox Champion in three ways:

  • Donate at least $5,000 during the Rotary year and become a Gold Champion
  • Donate at least $3,000 and become a Silver Champion
  • Donate at least$1,500 and become a Bronze Champion.

Funds must come from the club or the club’s trust account. If you collect individual donations from club members, please run them through your club so that we’re sure your club get the appropriate credit.

To thank you and recognize your support, ShelterBox New Zealand will provide you with:

  • A printed certificate
  • A digital certificate to share on social media
  • A press release so you can announce your good work to the community
  • A listing on our ShelterBox website


Help us make sure that no one goes without shelter after disaster

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