In April 2023, violent conflict erupted in Sudan between clashing military factions. This violence caused many people to flee their homes for safety, including Asiza.

The conflict reached neighbouring villages, resulting in many deaths. In some villages, no one was left behind – everyone either fled or was killed. Due to this escalating violence, Asiza, along with her husband and three children ran to the border of Sudan and Chad.


When Asiza and her family fled their home they arrived at the Chad border. Here, they waited, for ten days alongside many other refugees who had made the same decision.

After the ten days, Asiza was relocated to Zabout Camp. This is a newly established camp that has been set up to support Sudanese refugees in Chad.

When she arrived, Asiza was provided a ShelterBox tent. She tells us she is very thankful for the good quality of the tent. She now has a shelter for her family and a place to rebuild, thanks to supporters like you.




Life in camp is far from comfortable. Asiza tells us she is in need of more support, as she is concerned for her children.

In camp, there are not many opportunities for Asiza or her husband to earn money for their family. Asiza is concerned about not being able to provide food for her children. Another big worry is finding schooling for her children. Regardless of these concerns, Asiza has no plans to leave camp, even when the fighting is over.

The situation in Sudan continues to worsen and more and more refugees continue to cross the border into Chad. Thousands more families are still in need of shelter supports.