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Tuesday 29 May 2012

ShelterBox brings shelter to Italy's quake survivors
ShelterBox brings shelter to Italy's quake survivors ShelterBox tents set up on a football pitch bringing shelter to families made homeless by the disaster in San Felice.

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck northern Italy on 29 May killing over 15 people and bringing down buildings near the city of Modena.

Reports say there is significant damage to infrastructure in the Emilia Romagna region and the tremor was felt in the cities of Bologna, Ferrar, Verona and Mantua.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been delivering emergency shelter to families displaced by the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck the same area on 20 May.

ShelterBox rapidly responded by sending a UK-based Response Team in a van with disaster relief tents. They drove over 4000 kilometres to San Felice - one of the worst affected towns.

'Invaluable help'

'Yes it was a long drive but we were able to bring the aid into the disaster hit country quicker, as opposed to flying it in and waiting for the boxes to clear customs,' said SRT member Graham Higginson (UK). 'We drove directly to San Felice to meet with the ShelterBox Italy Center affiliate, who offered us invaluable help by acting as our translators and guides.'

Destruction in San Felice caused by the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that hit he town on 20 May 2012.

The SRT carried out site assessments, set up a camp and moved displaced families into the temporary shelter all within 24 hours of arriving.

'Our fleetness of foot was helped by those who we worked with, including the local authorities who assisted us with ShelterBox allocation, ensuring the aid went to those families with most need,' said SRT member James Edgerley (UK). 'Being my first deployment it was great to see first-hand the difference the tents have made to these families lives. I feel privileged to be part of such a great organisation that brings shelter, warmth and dignity to families across the world who have been made homeless by disaster.'

ShelterBox Operations are monitoring the situation following today's quake and stand ready to respond.
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