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Monday 09 August 2010

ShelterBox provides relief to Branquinha, Brazil
ShelterBox provides relief to Branquinha, Brazil Branquinha railway has literally been corkscrewed by the floodwater. Photography by Liz Odell

3-month-old baby Manuela was born shortly after floods ravaged her home town of Branquinha, Brazil on June 22 2010. Her mother, Jana, was one of thousands whose home was destroyed by the flooding and now both mother and daughter are waiting to move into their new ShelterBox tent.

Within days ShelterBox had responded to the flooding in the region by providing shelter to displaced families. Within the town of Branquinha, 158 tents have been erected in the past week and families such as Jana’s are now getting ready to rebuild their lives with tents and equipment provided by ShelterBox donations.

Jana and baby Manuela outside their new ShelterBox tent. Photography by Liz Odell

Branquinha has been particularly hard hit by flood damage with the town’s railway line buckled under the surge of water and only one building in the town left standing.

The flood followed days of torrential rain in the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco.

It is estimated that over 90% of the 12,000 population of Branquinha have been affected by the flooding.

Liz Odell, SRT who has just returned from Brazil, said:

'Nearly two months after the floods hit, the bulldozers are starting to move in to clear the debris left from the flood - but the local authorities have said that it will take between one and two years to re-build the town and they expect people to be living in Shelterbox tents for much of that time'.

You can help support ShelterBox’s work in Brazil and around the world by making a one off donation of £5. Just text BOXES to 70700 to help make the difference.

The cost of your donation will be £5 + one standard network text. Always get the bill payer's permission. The amount Shelterbox will receive depends on your network, see http://bit.ly/cVAVTj

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