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Sunday 09 July 2017

'Shine for ShelterBox Campaign"
'Shine for ShelterBox Campaign
Light fantastic! - ShelterBox is asking Kiwi’s to shine this season, to brighten lives darkened by disaster.

Imagine a winter without light, without power, without warmth. As we enter the season associated with twinkling lights, roasting food and log fires, ShelterBox will help you to turn your candle-lit supper, singing event, or any other gathering, into a literally ‘brilliant’ fundraiser.

As the darker months begin, lights are going on all across New Zealand. Lighting is so much a part of our celebrations, bringing communities and families together.

But in parts of the world where disaster has struck, the power may be shut off, and lines down, leaving families vulnerable, without the comfort and security of light. That is why every ShelterBox includes solar lights to dispel darkness and bring safety and togetherness to those who have lost everything.

This winter the ShelterBox New Zealand  charity’s Shine for ShelterBox campaign is asking families, clubs and communities to get together to bring light to lives darkened by disaster. There are many ways to join in - by hosting a fundraising candlelit supper, by organising a community singing event, or by setting up some other gathering. Whether large or small, ShelterBox will help give it a special shine.   

The Shine for ShelterBox fundraising kit contains invitations, special place markers, and a donation box - just add your own lighting and convivial company to make your table top glow with generosity.

ShelterBox New Zealand Chair Jackie St John says, ‘Our response teams know only too well the importance of power and light after a disaster. So that inspired us to launch a campaign focusing on communities coming together to bring light to families in their hour of darkness.’

‘Winter is a time when people enjoy celebrating with friends and family, and many organisations plan parties and special events. Our Shine for ShelterBox campaign is asking people to use these happy occasions to support our work. We know the people of New Zealand will seize this opportunity to send families in need the gifts of light, warmth and generosity that are packed into every ShelterBox.’ 

ShelterBox was one of the first charities to use the LuminAID solar light, which stores up power during daytime to give hours of illumination when darkness falls. Invented by two American students, and then backed by business mogul Mark Cuban on the US version of Dragon’s Den, the luminAid is light to carry, and has an inflatable waterproof light-diffusing pouch making it ideal when conditions are damp as well as dark. LuminAIDs are now packed into every ShelterBox, but are also often sent separately in bulk to disaster zones that are without power or lighting.

Watch the video to learn more...

This ingenious invention sparked the Shine for ShelterBox campaign, where ShelterBox is working with community groups and partners to stimulate a range of well-lit events and promotions across the country.

To apply for a Shine for ShelterBox fundraising kit today - please email us with your name and address to:      info@shelterbox.org.nz

Individuals, community groups and partners can also get involved by signing up to the the campaign via our ShelterBox website or Facebook page.

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