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tuesday, december 6:

The last team has returned and the deployment is complete. 448 boxes were distributed along with 1,000 midi tents, 3,500 mosquito nets and 8 school boxes to numerous affected regions.

Wednesday, November 30:

The Prince of Thailand has thanked ShelterBox for its involvement in the floods with its fast response and distribution of emergency aid, improving the lives of thousands of displaced people.

The SRT members have been working with the Thai Red Cross to set up tents at evacuation centres at schools across Nonthaburi. Families had been living in the classrooms but they soon found refuge in ShelterBox tents. The tents not only provided them with shelter, warmth, dignity and comfort but also freed up the classrooms so that children could return to school.

ShelterBox has distributed 448 ShelterBoxes, 866 midi tents, 2,500 mosquito nets and 7 school boxes in Thailand with the help of the Thai Red Cross, Rotarians and the local government and continues to assess for further need.

Thursday, November 24:

The ShelterBox Response  Team (SRT) continue to work with the Thai Red Cross, Rotarians and local government to assess further distribution needs.

To date, 448 boxes have been distributed along with 866 midi tents and 2,500 mosquito nets to numerous affected regions.

Friday, november 18:

A ShelterBox Response Team have delivered 30 tents and a school box to a Scout camp at Ratchuburi, a town around 50 kilometres south west of central Bangkok, which has become a major relief area for the flooded capital with some 26 camps set up for Thai and migrant families.

The rain has stopped but flooding continues on the outskirts of Bangkok as waters head seawards, rising to waist level in some areas.

SRT members have been concentrating their efforts over the last six weeks to ensure that shelter and dignity is available to those who are displaced by the worst flooding Thailand has experienced in 50 years.

wednesday, october 19:

ShelterBox are making a massive impact to families’ lives in Thailand. Over four hundred ShelterBoxes are being distributed following floods that have submerged a third of the country.

The UN reports that two months of heavy rain and monsoons have seen hundreds of lives lost and more than two million people affected by severe flooding. The Mekong River basin has been severely affected, where thousands of families have had to flee their homes. 

With floodwaters starting to encroach on the capital, Bangkok, an additional commitment of five hundred tents is due to arrive in the area within the next few days so the team can distribute tents even more widely.

Wednesday, October 05

ShelterBox are responding to flooding after months of heavy rains have left communities devastated. ShelterBox are engaged in meetings with the Red Cross and local Rotarians to secure land so that aid can be deployed immediately.

A minimum of 448 ShelterBoxes have been committed to Thailand from pre-positioned stock in Singapore with the request for more aid likely. back